Everyday Matters

In my last post I mentioned that I had found a daily sketchbook project that I have started.

I joined flickr when I first started blogging and have never really bothered too much with to be honest. However I have been going around all my old internet accounts and updating them, deleting old content etc and discovered they had made some changes, plus the app turned out to be a nifty too. So I decided to have a little look about and found the Everyday Matters group. I had already heard of Everyday Matters which was a bit of a sketchbook/journal movement started by Danny Gregory based on his memoirs but as I looked about this time I thought maybe this is something I should give a go to kickstart my sketchbook again.

So using the prompts by Danny Gregory for Everyday Matters I have now done a daily drawing for 14 days, I am pretty pleased with that, I am finding now that I am moving away from the prompts slightly but that is ok, I like to follow where my ideas go if that makes sense and will I think these prompts are a great way to get started again or get some inspiration if I get a little stuck.

So these are some of my drawings so far, the rest are on my flickr page:

Like I said yesterday I deviated a little and I have a different idea for today but we shall see how it goes.

It sure is nice to be in my daily drawing  sketchbook again 🙂

God Bless