Month in review · My Faith


I am a little late with my overview of August. It has been a very busy time and so I am now very tired. However I am finding I am recovering so much quicker than I used to.

A few more milestones were reached in August though that I wanted to share…

This month I reached a huge milestone.. and that was I actually ate a meal out! I went to my in-laws for dinner, for the first time in 6 years and a week later I went to MacDonalds. I am actually not a fan of MacDonalds truth be told but it was the only place we could think of where I could try to sit down in a public place and eat where it would be quick and I could leave and not worry about leaving the food behind and wasting money. I haven’t eaten a meal out with husband since 2007. It was hard, I will admit. Even though I am slowly getting better, I really believe that, I am left with anxiety and agoraphobia. I am not surprised by this given how long I was isolated. But, with the Lords constant help I am getting out more. I really couldn’t do it without Him.

I have been spending some time at my sisters new house as she and her husband are refurbishing. It has been pretty amazing as it wasn’t that long ago my Mum moved and I couldn’t even go and visit her new house as I felt so unwell let alone help with the jobs of moving. They actually bought me the hatch to the loft to clean just because I felt so bad that I couldn’t help. And this past month I have been helping strip and prepare walls for painting, doing tip runs with hubby and generally trying to provide support to both my sister and her husband as it is a very stressful time.

We celebrated a birthday this month, my nephew turned 5! Usually I know we would say it went by quick but considering what has happened in that time and the fact that my life used to go by painstakingly slowly I have to admit I don’t feel that way 😉 It is wonderful to be able to spend time with him on his birthday though, before I would spend a maximum of 20 minutes there and be so poorly afterwards it would take a long time to recover. I was there 3 hours and even played pass the parcel.

I am still continuing to go into shops and that is going from strength to strength I have been wallpaper shopping with my sister and I have done a couple of weekly shops with husband, which, to be honest I am still struggling to believe.


 Our lovely new heart, above our bed, a pressie from Little sis and her hubby.

We decorated our bedroom, we have lived here for 7 years and never decorated our bedroom, for many years it was left in darkness for somewhere for me to go when my symptoms became unbearable. Now as I sit here typing the curtains are open, the windows are open and it is clean and looking nice again.

I have still been doing a little exercise and have actually been out a couple of times for a jog! I never even did that when I was well! Starting off very small but even small was too big for me at one time.

I am still working hard to get my uni work done and a few more jobs in the garden have happened. Plus I am trying to do more around the house and lift husbands burdens he has been carrying for so many years. I am finding I am having to stop for periods at a time as I am getting very tired. I am still sleeping a fair amount during the day especially the mornings. It is a long process but one I feel more and more confident about each day.

Doing normals things is such a wonderful privilege denied to so many, I am finding that being able to do things such as house work, paint a room, go for a walk, go shopping, all things that used to seem like such chores and like there were better things to do now are such a wonderful things to me. Everything I do I do for the Lord. He sustains me, He renews me, He builds me up and He comforts me. When I get tired I know I can spend time in His word and talk to Him and He will guide my steps and reveal Himself to me He will speak to me and answer my prayers, relive my worries, and comfort my soul.

I look back to that day when I called out to Him, I was the lowest I had ever been, I felt I had no one to turn to, no one to help me out of the constant anxiety, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, pain, every muscle in my body was so tense and I had forgotten how to relax. Everything moved constantly and had for so long I didn’t know what it felt like to feel normal, to have normal feelings that weren’t extreme and unpleasant. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to relax. But now as I look back I am struggling to remember how it felt to be that unwell. All I remember is that, when I finally turned to Him I was helped though it by my wonderful savior. How he sits with me when I am scared, how He comes to me when I need Him. And how even though I came to him with selfish intent, wanting to be healed He still saved me and took me a better way, a way that brought me to know Him, an understanding of who He is and that all He wants is me to love Him, nothing more. He could’ve have just healed me then and there, I know he could but instead He has strengthened me, He has taken me down difficult paths and with His help He has taught me what it means to be a follower of Him and I am so glad He did this. By revealing Himself to me He has revealed myself to me also, I learned who I was and I didn’t like it.

I reached out my hand


Everyone has problems in this life, no one is exempt from pain, grief or worries. It is only by leaning in Him we come to realise that He is the only way to get though these times. And that His only priority is that we have a relationship with Him, forever. So He will use those times to teach us to trust in Him and His strength, He will use our pain to heal us and to change us. And, ultimately we realise it is not, nor ever was about us, its about Him. It was or never is about what He can do for us, but about what He has already done. That is when we come to a place of true healing. He didn’t have to create us, He didn’t have to give us this life, He didn’t have to come down and sacrifice His own life to get us out of the mess we had got ourselves into. He choose to do these things because of who HE is, not of who we are. Forgiveness is there we just need to accept it and receive the true healing of the soul.

Month in review


I really enjoyed doing an overview of January so I thought I would do the same again for Feb.

For the shortest month of the year a lot has happened! I still can’t believe how much has happened already this year when for the past 7 years the winter months actually drag on as I feel so ill unable to move off my sofa (if I can get out of bed).

So I thought I would share my instagram pics again.

The month started out with hubby going away for the week, which was a huge thing for both of us, I blogged out it here.

While he was gone, I he left me lots of nice treats and I had a little go at making a weaved bag but I couldn’t get it to work, I will give it another go I think once I work out where I went wrong.

I received a lovely card from an online friend and new post pal while he was gone too.

And I journaled.

I started a new crochet project, which I am still working on, its actually quite a small one but what with other creative stuffs taking priority it is taking me a while.

I did a lot of journaling this month, I have been pretty dizzy for most of the month but no where near as bad as I usually would be.

I’ve been doing uni work – the pic is off the tissue I had left from the mark making I did.

I started a new daily sketchbook project, I popped back onto Flickr as I realized I still had photos on there from that go back to 08. I discovered that you get a lot more space now so I decided to take a look about and found a group with lots of prompts of things to draw in your sketchbook. I will discuss this more later and share my pages so far.

More journaling, I enjoy working in my journal for bible study and in my quiet time.

I went for a walk! yay! I managed to go further than I have in years so was very very happy and grateful.

And lastly, yesterday I managed a to go to the local shop and buy a few bits, amazing!

Other things that have happened this month that I haven’t pictured –

Had another Dr appt and we trying something else to try and help with the head and sinus pressure.

I have been getting help with cleaning and have had help moving some furniture about, (both a bit much for me right now) but this has been such a blessing to me and I have been able to do more little jobs around the house as I no longer feel overwhelmed by it all.

Plus after sitting in the same place for a a few years I am now moving around the house more, sitting in different places, believe me that is huge! When you suffer from constant dizziness and other neurological symptoms your brain has a habit of getting used to certain things and so being in different positions etc take some getting used to. Its hard to explain but the brain is very good at compensating and sometimes that can make it very hard if you still aren’t well and it hasn’t compensated fully as it sticks to one position so when you try to move from the place where your brain is used to being the spinning gets worse. I hope that makes sense. You do have to keep trying to move which is very hard when you aren’t getting any help or treatment but now I am 🙂 The best help of all!

So despite  feeling pretty ill for most of it it’s not been a bad month, it does help to look at the big picture I think as it can feel like I am backsliding when I am just having a rough patch.

Hope you have all had a blessed February and here’s to March! (nearly spring, yay!)

God Bless