Month in review


I really enjoyed doing an overview of January so I thought I would do the same again for Feb.

For the shortest month of the year a lot has happened! I still can’t believe how much has happened already this year when for the past 7 years the winter months actually drag on as I feel so ill unable to move off my sofa (if I can get out of bed).

So I thought I would share my instagram pics again.

The month started out with hubby going away for the week, which was a huge thing for both of us, I blogged out it here.

While he was gone, I he left me lots of nice treats and I had a little go at making a weaved bag but I couldn’t get it to work, I will give it another go I think once I work out where I went wrong.

I received a lovely card from an online friend and new post pal while he was gone too.

And I journaled.

I started a new crochet project, which I am still working on, its actually quite a small one but what with other creative stuffs taking priority it is taking me a while.

I did a lot of journaling this month, I have been pretty dizzy for most of the month but no where near as bad as I usually would be.

I’ve been doing uni work – the pic is off the tissue I had left from the mark making I did.

I started a new daily sketchbook project, I popped back onto Flickr as I realized I still had photos on there from that go back to 08. I discovered that you get a lot more space now so I decided to take a look about and found a group with lots of prompts of things to draw in your sketchbook. I will discuss this more later and share my pages so far.

More journaling, I enjoy working in my journal for bible study and in my quiet time.

I went for a walk! yay! I managed to go further than I have in years so was very very happy and grateful.

And lastly, yesterday I managed a to go to the local shop and buy a few bits, amazing!

Other things that have happened this month that I haven’t pictured –

Had another Dr appt and we trying something else to try and help with the head and sinus pressure.

I have been getting help with cleaning and have had help moving some furniture about, (both a bit much for me right now) but this has been such a blessing to me and I have been able to do more little jobs around the house as I no longer feel overwhelmed by it all.

Plus after sitting in the same place for a a few years I am now moving around the house more, sitting in different places, believe me that is huge! When you suffer from constant dizziness and other neurological symptoms your brain has a habit of getting used to certain things and so being in different positions etc take some getting used to. Its hard to explain but the brain is very good at compensating and sometimes that can make it very hard if you still aren’t well and it hasn’t compensated fully as it sticks to one position so when you try to move from the place where your brain is used to being the spinning gets worse. I hope that makes sense. You do have to keep trying to move which is very hard when you aren’t getting any help or treatment but now I am šŸ™‚ The best help of all!

So despite Ā feeling pretty ill for most of it it’s not been a bad month, it does help to look at the big picture I think as it can feel like I am backsliding when I am just having a rough patch.

Hope you have all had a blessed February and here’s to March! (nearly spring, yay!)

God Bless


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