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Uni work and creativeness

This week so far has turned out to be quite a creative one! I’ve done a fair amount of journaling and also some uni work which I want to share today. I was very dizzy last week so most of it was done last weekend.

Black ink using various things to make marks with

At the moment we are exploring mark making which has been fun 🙂 Using various things as inspiration much as words and images and looking at the many different ways to create marks such as block printing and rubbing using different mediums and things to make marks with like sticks and plastic forks.

Block printing using stuff from round the house

I still have a little more to do before we move onto stitching but its moving on nicely. Given me a few ideas for journal pages too 🙂

Graphite using words as inspiration

Dripping ink (a little Miro inspired this one)

Wet mediums

Blowing ink using a straw

This is all work in my sketchbook as the aim for this part of the course is to build up resource materials and sketchbook work as a basis for working from.


Making marks with collage

This isn’t all of it, there is actually quite a bit more, but I didn’t want to bombard you with any more with photos. 😉

I also started a crochet project last week not been able to work on it a whole lot but hoping to have it finished soon, if it works I think its going to turn out quite nice! I will make sure I share it once it is done 🙂

What creativeness have you been up to?



I went for a walk…..

I have had a wonderful week last week! We had my sister and her family over for Sunday dinner, little sister and her husband over for a curry (both cooked by my awesome hubby) a surprise visit from Mum and I got out for a little walk! 🙂 I cant actually believe it if I am honest as normally in January I am so ill I can’t see or deal with anyone or move off the sofa at all and it had been that way since 2009 when I was bed bound for a while. I am so grateful and thank you to everyone who is praying for me, I know God is working in my life.

Today I wanted to share about my walk with you all. To help with my university studies I have been collecting resource materials. I was given a lovely button tin for Christmas which I have put lots of little bits that I like, such as beads, buttons, bits of ceramic, sweet wrappers etc. And I have a few different methods for collecting images as well plus my Mum has lots of photos that she lets me use. I don’t however have any photos taken by myself.

So I decided to set out and have a look around to see what interesting textures and patterns I could find. At the moment the longest I can manage is about 15/20 mins at the max (which is amazing!) so I set out to the next street along to see what I could see.

Well I was amazed! So many wonderful things to see right on my doorstep! Different kinds of walls, plants, fences, rusty signs, posts. I had a lovely time just snapping away. I would’ve taken more but my poor old phone kept crashing (and my camera wasn’t working for some reason, I have a new-to-me one now though, thanks to my awesome Mum!)

When I got home I had a little play with them using a phone app, I tried to bring out the patterns and colours I could see in them, I think there would be a lot more I could do though.

So I think I have made a good start to my personal image resource folder! What do you think? Do you ever get the chance to stop and look about at Gods wonderful creation?


God bless!