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I went for a walk…..

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I have had a wonderful week last week! We had my sister and her family over for Sunday dinner, little sister and her husband over for a curry (both cooked by my awesome hubby) a surprise visit from Mum and I got out for a little walk! 🙂 I cant actually believe it if I am honest as normally in January I am so ill I can’t see or deal with anyone or move off the sofa at all and it had been that way since 2009 when I was bed bound for a while. I am so grateful and thank you to everyone who is praying for me, I know God is working in my life.

Today I wanted to share about my walk with you all. To help with my university studies I have been collecting resource materials. I was given a lovely button tin for Christmas which I have put lots of little bits that I like, such as beads, buttons, bits of ceramic, sweet wrappers etc. And I have a few different methods for collecting images as well plus my Mum has lots of photos that she lets me use. I don’t however have any photos taken by myself.

So I decided to set out and have a look around to see what interesting textures and patterns I could find. At the moment the longest I can manage is about 15/20 mins at the max (which is amazing!) so I set out to the next street along to see what I could see.

Well I was amazed! So many wonderful things to see right on my doorstep! Different kinds of walls, plants, fences, rusty signs, posts. I had a lovely time just snapping away. I would’ve taken more but my poor old phone kept crashing (and my camera wasn’t working for some reason, I have a new-to-me one now though, thanks to my awesome Mum!)

When I got home I had a little play with them using a phone app, I tried to bring out the patterns and colours I could see in them, I think there would be a lot more I could do though.

So I think I have made a good start to my personal image resource folder! What do you think? Do you ever get the chance to stop and look about at Gods wonderful creation?


God bless!


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A follower of Jesus who loves to create. I share about my faith, my creativity and lessons God teaches me though motherhood and beyond.

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  1. So great to hear about your wonderful week. The photos you have taken are really fantastic xx



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