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Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift

1 Corinthians 2:15

When this time of year comes around I like to remind myself of all that the Lord has done for me in the past year. Around this time last year we decided to try for another baby and now not only are we celebrating Christmas with little S we have a 3 month old as well!

When I had my breakdown at the end of 2009 I had the worst Christmas of my life. I genuinely thought that things would never improve. If someone had said that I would be celebrating Christmas 7 years later with my husband and children, estranged family and wonderful friends I would not have believed it.

Christmas used to be for me a time of panic and pressure, a time when I was reminded of how lonely and isolated I was and how difficult my illness made it for my husband. He wanted so much for me to enjoy it and I felt like I just kept letting him down. I would go online and see my family enjoying Christmas and I would be bitter and angry that I was so unwell I struggled to even get out of bed.

Now I know Jesus Christmas is a time that I am reminded of my assurance of salvation in Christ. It’s a time where I feel incredibly grateful for all I have. I now feel excited when I think of my future instead of dread and fear.

I can do things, get out, go to parties. I can enjoy the company of those I love and go shopping for gifts on my own!

However that pales in comparison to how wonderful it is to be in the care of our almighty God, knowing He loves me and has forgiven me through His wonderful son and my saviour. So thanks be to God for this indescribable gift, the best, the first and the only gift that matters. This time next year most of us will have forgotten what gifts we received this Christmas but God’s gift to us is eternal and will never fade, break or rot. Have you accepted this awesome gift?

Happy Christmas!


Creative Pressie Giving

In my last post I mentioned that I feel I am being given little projects to do to help with my confidence, today I thought I’d share one of those projects with you.

In September my little sister turned 30 and we wanted to do something special for her, if you remember I was made a lovely journal for mine and we wanted to do something that would suit her personality and something she could treasure. So this is what we did:

My sister enjoys drawing tattoo designs, she also loves shoes, so I copied some of her designs on to a pair. I also popped some Swarovski Crytals on there as she loves a bit of bling 🙂

She also loves handbags, so we made her a bag that folds out with lining in printed with photos and a we made her a book with photos in, both have  crystals on of one her tattoo designs.

I made some charms to go on the bag, she loves owls so I used one I got out of a Crafty Creatives box when I subscribed to them. The flower was done from a tutorial in Crafty Magazine.

We had some printed fabric left so I made her a sketchbook for her designs and used the rest of the fabric for the inside. (Photos are of her and her hubby)

Now I have to say that before, this kind of project would have stressed me out but this didn’t, I really enjoyed every part of it, which is what I mean about giving me projects to do to boost my confidence. Seeing something through when you have spent so long having to stop doing things so often is just well, its hard to describe, it feels amazing. This was nearly a year in the making and obviously I didn’t do it alone, It was a family project but when a problem came up I was able to see it objectively and just, as we brits like to say, get on with it. I trusted it would get done, even during the times when it really looked like it wouldn’t and things happened that we had no control over and, well, it did 🙂

It was wonderful to see her face when she opened all this. And I do thank God for this wonderful experience and chance to show my little sis how much I love her and appreciate her.

What have you made for someone you love?

God Bless

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