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Expanding my world

I’ve been a little quiet this past week on social media, for the first time in a very long time I found that I just wanted to log off for a bit. Since I became ill the online world has provided me a lot of support and distraction but also became a bit of a crutch. I have found though that as I lean on the Lord more and more I find the things I used to need I don’t so much. This is good as it means that I can pop in just purely out of enjoyment and wanting to check in on friends as opposed to needing something to take my mind away from my life.

So what have I been doing? well something I have done a lot this week is go outside…I know. It been amazing. Due to my health and the fact my poor hubby has been holding down jobs (yes, plural), a business, uni as well as caring for me, cooking, cleaning etc has meant our garden became a little neglected. Now I am  feeling stronger, we are getting help with cleaning plus hubbies business is no more together with the wonderful weather we have been having has meant we have been able to get out. There’s still some work to be done but he has done an amazing job and there is actually a garden under all that overgrowth! Who knew 😉 I did help and I would like to think I was a help more than a hindrance but I am not so sure.

However while hubby was gardening yesterday I did pop out and did a little drawing something else which Is a first, I really enjoyed it and hope I can do it again soon.

I have also been in a couple of shops this week, this too is pretty amazing! Being in shops is not nice when you get over stimulated easily and some shops are better than others. There’s a lovely little craft shop near us that is small and quiet, no music plus the lighting is good and not too bright so hubby took me there and let me have a few bits. (this was to cheer me up but I will explain about that later). We then tried BNM bargains but that one was harder, busier so we went more or less straight in and out. I also managed to go into Morrisons yesterday, I didn’t go right in but the lighting in there is a lot better than other supermarkets and I feel I might be OK to try at a quieter time to go in properly.

I also went to the hospital, which turned out to be a bit of a shambles as I got the day wrong (hence the treat trip to the craft shop) but they remade my appointment and were very nice about my blunder, even though I wasn’t very nice to myself about it.

I also went for a little walk this past week with my Mum just to the field at the bottom of the road it was such a lovely day we had to take advantage.

So as you can tell, I have been living in real life more and more and I really do hope it continues.


It seems of the many many things the Lord is doing for me as well as slowly building my trust in Him and confidence He is also making my relationships healthier and my relationship with the internet is definitely getting better.  I think the internet is wonderful as is social media but I do have to admit I didn’t like how much time I spent on it and how much I used it to help me. My hubby used to joke that my laptop was the window to my world but it wasn’t just that, it was my world.

When I first became a Christian someone told me that the Lord would come through the fog but he has done so much more than that. He has cleared the fog and I am seeing more and more of the world around me again. My world is expanding past my sofa, laptop and phone and it feels amazing.

Gratitude doesn’t even cover it.

God Bless



Everyday Matters

In my last post I mentioned that I had found a daily sketchbook project that I have started.

I joined flickr when I first started blogging and have never really bothered too much with to be honest. However I have been going around all my old internet accounts and updating them, deleting old content etc and discovered they had made some changes, plus the app turned out to be a nifty too. So I decided to have a little look about and found the Everyday Matters group. I had already heard of Everyday Matters which was a bit of a sketchbook/journal movement started by Danny Gregory based on his memoirs but as I looked about this time I thought maybe this is something I should give a go to kickstart my sketchbook again.

So using the prompts by Danny Gregory for Everyday Matters I have now done a daily drawing for 14 days, I am pretty pleased with that, I am finding now that I am moving away from the prompts slightly but that is ok, I like to follow where my ideas go if that makes sense and will I think these prompts are a great way to get started again or get some inspiration if I get a little stuck.

So these are some of my drawings so far, the rest are on my flickr page:

Like I said yesterday I deviated a little and I have a different idea for today but we shall see how it goes.

It sure is nice to be in my daily drawing  sketchbook again 🙂

God Bless

Sketchbook · University

Uni work and creativeness

This week so far has turned out to be quite a creative one! I’ve done a fair amount of journaling and also some uni work which I want to share today. I was very dizzy last week so most of it was done last weekend.

Black ink using various things to make marks with

At the moment we are exploring mark making which has been fun 🙂 Using various things as inspiration much as words and images and looking at the many different ways to create marks such as block printing and rubbing using different mediums and things to make marks with like sticks and plastic forks.

Block printing using stuff from round the house

I still have a little more to do before we move onto stitching but its moving on nicely. Given me a few ideas for journal pages too 🙂

Graphite using words as inspiration

Dripping ink (a little Miro inspired this one)

Wet mediums

Blowing ink using a straw

This is all work in my sketchbook as the aim for this part of the course is to build up resource materials and sketchbook work as a basis for working from.


Making marks with collage

This isn’t all of it, there is actually quite a bit more, but I didn’t want to bombard you with any more with photos. 😉

I also started a crochet project last week not been able to work on it a whole lot but hoping to have it finished soon, if it works I think its going to turn out quite nice! I will make sure I share it once it is done 🙂

What creativeness have you been up to?