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Embellishing Edges and Text In my Journal

As I have been spending sometime with my journal this past week (check out my Instagram to see what I have been up to), I decided to treat myself to a mini online workshop called Embelishing Edges and Text as it was such good value. I am pleased I did, it was super quick and I got to add a few more tricks to my journal pages.

I have found that over the years since I started journaling I have come on quite a journey, at one point I was concerned that I hadn’t found my ‘voice’ or ‘style’ but to be honest my journals have represented me and and life and life does not stand still. I now realise that each thing I learn I can add or take away to my pages and its always there for the future. I like this, I like learning lots of different ways to explore, lots of ways to experiment and play, keeps things moving and me motivated to keep at it.

This workshop is  about lettering and having fun with the edges of the page, I learned a few new tricks on how to play with lettering, which I am very happy about as thats the one area I hadn’t explored much before and I find my writing can get a little boring. I also found I had to really slow down with this and keep going over my lettering, something I have not done before, I usually work pretty quick to get out the raw emotion but this helped me in a different way. I found by going over the lettering and thinking more about it, where it goes how it flows with the page etc the words sink in more, I can put in things to encourage, help and inspire me and by going over them slowly gives me time to really think about what I am writing.

(I havent shown the inside of this spread as it isn’t finished)

It really is a great little course and I am happy to have spent 10 pounds on it, a worthy investment I think.



6 thoughts on “Embellishing Edges and Text In my Journal

  1. Gee I had to do a maths question to post on your blog – how dedicated am I!!!

    I love these artworks, the loopy feathery edges are awesome.
    And the colours are so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing.


  2. I enjoyed hearing about your history in journaling and how it has progressed as you have. Advancement in creativity is a huge blessing from such a Creator!


  3. Hi Hannah! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the colors and verses you have used in your journal. I know someone who would love to read about this and your class…..Jen, that also posts on the Cast Team Blog Blitz!


  4. I’m glad you took the workshop too. If it helps advance you in your craft, it’s a good thing. I’m totally impressed with your lettering.


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