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What a week!

This post was written at the beginning of last week about the week before but I felt led to write something else instead. I still want to share what happened to me that week though so I am publishing it now 🙂 (last week was much harder due to the mega Sunday migraine but I did have one nice afternoon making lip scrubs with my sister which I am hoping to share soon)


Well last week was the busiest week I have had in I reckon about 4 years. So much happened it was a little overwhelming. So this weekend my body forced me to rest as the dizziness kicked in full force on Saturday but it’s OK, I feel so very blessed that I was given the strength to do so much last week.

On Tuesday I had a scan, now, a year ago I refused to even go to the GPs when I was so ill I was spitting up blood and now I am going for scans! I can’t quite believe it, I have waited a very long time to find out what the lump is on my head and prayers would be much appreciated x It was hard, I won’t lie, especially after I was too ill to do the MRI in May so I leaned very hard on the Lord for help and not only did he help me to do the scan I went into Aldi a few hours later and picked out myself some wellies!! So grateful! I live very near to some woods which get very muddy in the winter and usually I just don’t venture out much in winter as I tend to be a lot worse but this year I felt that I will need something for my feet 🙂

Wednesday I had a little visit from my 2 yr old nephew who had picked me out a plant in the shop, bless his heart.

Then Thursday I had a great post day! A letter from an online friend and the Crafty Creatives Christmas box! Hubby bought it me as we haven’t been able to afford much in the way of craftyness supplies this year, which I am ok with, I have plenty but I am still very grateful for this awesome gift. I will be back with what I have done with it very soon 🙂

I also took my box to my Mums and made the decoration in the photo, I was there for a couple of hours which is just well, pretty amazing, I think I might have pushed myself a bit too far with that one but I recovered fairly quick from feeling ill from it and back to the baseline of symptoms so I am really pleased.

Friday was another Dr day and I also managed to pop onto a little Tescos to pick a magazine and go back out again. I also spent most of the day popping in and out of the online auction room and wow it was so exciting! They did about 27 hours I think and made 57 grand for charity how amazing is that? They didn’t get round to selling my blanket they had a lot of lots left over, but I was still a little emotional when I heard how well they did. My blanket is now on silent auction which is running until the 13th of December link is here should you wish to check it out.

So that was my week! The weekend was spent resting resting and resting some more as a huge migraine hit me and forced me into bed for most of Sunday and Saturday was dizzy city but to be honest I feel so blessed and so grateful to have done everything I did last week that I didn’t mind resting and if I have to rest this week too, well so be it. (Turns out that is exactly what happened ;))

Wish you all an awesome week! I will try to come back with some crafty news soon as I don’t want to keep boring you with my life updates I am just so excited as these things happen and I spend such a large amount of time indoors unable to get off the sofa without  my symptoms getting a lot worse that I just feel the need to document when the Lord does something awesome for me! 🙂


God Bless you all



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