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Right after my operation OCA got in touch with me about my drawing submission asking if I wished to postpone as they had a lot of them for this assessment event. I thought about it and how great the timing was as I wasnt happy with the work I was going to send off and the fact that my operation meant I would’ve had to rush to get it all ready. So I explained about my surgery and that I was happy to do this. I felt it was right and that the Lord wished me to rework my work for it (something the uni encourages but I didn’t want to do as I had such a hard time doing it first time round). As I have worked on it though I feel this even more, I will discuss this later as I do more as I feel there will be more to share.

This has meant though that other creative work has gone a little which I am not too happy about. I still write in a prayer journal and write for my bible studies plus I have just started keepng a little daily journal to write and draw what I do each day to remind me of all my blessings and what the Lord does for me each day. (a page of that I shared on instagram is below)

I am hoping to be able to do more in my scripture/art journal but I do have a couple of pages I did just before my surgery I would like to share.

Just before my surgery I found I wanted to read the Bible a lot, and I was lead to read a few times about the 3 Jews, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were sent into the fire by King Nebuchadnezzar and they where protected by Jesus in there, (Daniel 3) as I read this I knew I was being prepared for my operation but I didn’t realise that it was going to be so soon!

These are the pages I did during that time.

And this is the song that inspired this page as I heard it everywhere.

It amazes me how he prepares us for what is coming, how He does things that at the time we may not understand but it is all part of his purpose and plan. I have only been following the Lord a little over a year but I can look back and see how my life has been changed and how he was used things for my greater good, even when they dont feel that nice, that isn’t what He promises. Being comfortable doesnt change you or make you a better person and yes the Lord could change us without us doing anything but then that would mean it isnt in our own will and that our love is forced, not willing. My pastor likes to say that the Lord didnt make robots, He made people and well, would we really like it if we were robots?

I really do hope that I can do more pages than I have been again as I really enjoy them but I also know that the Lord will be using what I learn with uni for his glory as well and I know that all the hard work will be worth it as he puts nothing in our lives that He won’t use for His glory. Everything we do is for the Lord when we are His children.

God Bless!

N.b – I wrote this last week and then ended up doing another page 🙂 I will share it very soon!


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