Letter to my baby

Dear S,

             You are now 3 months old and I can’t believe how much you have changed in that time. You have grown so much you are now in the 91st percentile for length, you are such a joy to look after you dropped your 2 o’clock feed at 8 weeks and you go to sleep on your own. You  love to smile at anyone you meet, yesterday you took your first proper interest in a book which excited me no end. You like lights and the colours red and purple. You’ve been holding your head up for a little while now and you are very eager to get going you are very fidgety but can keep your attention on things for a long time. You have started to hold objects, reach for things and try to put things to your mouth I love watching you learn and grow.

I wish I could bottle it up, every smile, every expression, every cuddle, noise, cry, kiss, every time you do, see or discover something new and save it all to revisit whenever I wanted. Sometimes I wonder if I hold you too much but, you see I can’t bring myself to put you down. I know one day this will be over so I am taking every chance to hold you in my arms.

I didn’t know it was like this that love could be so deep so instinctual, feelings are fleeting and fickle but the need to take care of you no matter how ill I feel is strong and the need to keep you safe, its what gets me up in the mornings and keeps me fighting each day.

You are my little miracle, my gift from God, who loves you even more than I can. He wants you here S, he has a great plan for your life and I hope one day you come to know him.

He helps me everyday he helped me give birth to you, he helped me carry you, he formed you in my womb and he is helping me now while I take care of you.

Each day he grants with you is a gift and though I can’t do much physically I can love you, I can meet your needs and comfort you with Gods strength and guidance. He will be there for you S whenever you need him. I will let you down and get things wrong as I am only human but he never will.

I love you my precious little boy and I thank God for the privilege of being your Mum



For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee; fear not, I will help thee

Isaiah 41:13

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