Week 15

Dear S,

You are now 15 weeks old and have had a very busy couple of weeks! You are getting better at grabbing things and have started to put toys to your mouth to explore them. You have learned how to take your own dummy out and with lots of concentration you can sort of put it back in ( with a little help from mummy). You do this with your bottle too though that’s not quite so useful;)

We had our second jab day and you were very brave, mummy not so much. Daddy had to go away for the night which meant mama came to help which you loved as it meant lots of walks and cuddles. We discovered that you are too big for your carrycot so had to put you in the pram. You also had your first nighttime walk. You loved this as you love looking around you, taking it all in. You love being in your harness with daddy and walking around the shops, looking at the colours and shapes and smiling at people.

Mummy also took part in her first group Bible study, lots of people came for it and you charmed them all. Mummy felt so blessed that people came over for a study, it was an answer to prayer.

You have been a little bit poorly these past few days as your teeth are starting to come in, you still try to smile through the tears though despite being in pain.

This past week you have found your feet for the first time. Mummy didn’t see it but the lady who helps us from the children’s centre was holding you when you reached for your feet. Since you have been born the Lord has answered my prayers and sent us lots of help and support. Lots of new people have come into our lives which has been overwhelming but also so good as well. Having you has changed my life completely as I never used to see anyone, I was very isolated and you have come along and changed that. Each day we grow in confidence together and get closer. Mummy needs help right now because she is poorly but I pray everyday for help from the Lord and He sends it whether its strengthening me or sending someone to support us and help us.

I love being your mummy, you are a joy to be around.

You are so loved by so many people

Love you


Written on the 8th of October 2015


As the Father hath loved me, so I have loved you: continued ye in my love .
John 15:9

One thought on “Week 15

  1. Hi Hannah! I enjoyed reading all about “Baby S.” It’s very exciting to see how well you and Baby S are bonding together in what seems to be such a short time. It’s these moments that create those life special memories. I have kept you in my prayers and I will continue to do so. God is faithful and He knows exactly what you need. Stay strong my friend. God is in complete control of everything. Thank you for this touching letter to Baby S. God bless.

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