My Faith


I wrote this two weeks ago and I just logged in to post and saw it I thought I would share it now.


I have had a wonderful few days. I had a lovely easter and it was our anniversary too. I got out a lot more than I thought I would I have been going into shops it has been great. I have wanted to pop by and record all this for some time but the downside of doing more is that life gets busier plus and I still need rest. I do enjoy sharing my walk with the Lord though.

I do wish to share something that happened to me today.

Today was a hospital day, the results of the CT scan to be more precise. It turned out to be a fairly stressful event as there was no parking and I was forced to go in alone while hubby carried on looking for a car park with a space. Add to that that they were running late and so my stress levels were fairly high. I sat in the waiting room and cried, I couldn’t stop the tears and got frustrated because of that which made things worse. I was mad at myself as I snapped at hubby about the parking situation and I felt so dizzy I started to panic in the waiting room I had no idea how late they were running but I knew there was a good chance I had to go in alone as hubby hadn’t yet arrived. I looked up, tears streaming, I am one of those people whoses faces go red straightaway and I can’t hide it. Everyone avoided my gaze except one young man, at first I was embarrassed as he was looking at me. Then I noticed the handcuffs on his wrists and the prison officer next to him. I met his gaze and he looked so concerned for me I cried some more, he smiled a reassuring smile then someone sat down between us. I felt so humbled that this man felt compassion towards me. And I felt great compassion towards him also.

It reminded me that no matter how bleak things seem it is always possible to think of someone else. The Lord teaches that we should always be there for others as He is there for us. I have to say that I feel incredibly humbled that the Lord chose that young man to remind me of this.


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